Sunday, 19 October 2014

#unfurlingHR...Baking These Things In

Just a quick one from me on my thoughts bubbling since we met together for the NZLEAD Unconference #unfurlingHR.

I've said it before, but I want to say it again – thank you Amanda and everyone who made the day happen.

NZLEAD is leading us in an amazing way.

Lisa Gill has pointed me to Gary Hamel’s talk on the Future of Management in the last few days. If you haven’t already seen it, you can view it here. It’s well worth a watch.

A quick fire summary of the themes that stuck with me. 

Gary asks "how do you build a company that can change as fast as change itself, where innovation is the work of everybody, all the time, everyday, and where people are willing to bring the gifts of creativity and passion?"

He challenges us to build companies that are: Adaptable – Innovative – Engaged.

Gary draws parallels to the web, and says the web gives us a “global operating system for innovation”. He boils down the values of the web to the following four principles:

(1) Openness
(2) Meritocracy
(3) Flexibility
(4) Collaboration

Gary goes on to make the challenge, “how do we take these deep principles...and bake them into our organisations....because the web is already adaptable, innovative and engaging."

If we stop and reflect on NZLEAD and what Amanda is building, at its heart, it is baking these things in.

We are being led as a community with these principles at the heart - openness, meritocracy, flexibility, collaboration - and it’s inspired.

When I take a step back, when I think about the effect of leading in this way, I see it bringing out creativity, courage, new thinking, confidence, accountability, urgency and a real sense of community.

It’s immense.

We can learn so much by stepping back and reflecting, not just on the event of the NZLEAD Unconference #unfurlingHR, but on the way we are being led.  

This is amazing, this is really something….


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